About Mahsa

Yoga teacher and sufi Dance instructor 

Mahsa has made a whirling dance based on her origins called “​ love dance​”. she was touched by spiritual guides from Iran. She focuses on progress and growth in every aspect of her career since she is very motivated and committed to herself, her students, and enlightenment.
One can observe her high spirit through her character and in dance or in work ethics. Given her considerable experience in fields of yoga, meditation, and dance, she is searching for opportunities to spread her devotional energy as a personal customized meditation style dance and yoga. She has also been certified as a yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance RYS 200HR and qualified as a massage therapist , Cupping Therapist from NSW. she is currently residing mainly in Australia ,Sydney.she also opened her centre in 2023, in the name of SoLook yoga meditation centre. She holds yoga meditation and Dance wherever she goes. Her passion is to travel and seek different parts of the world and spread my talent and gift through other train like-minded people like herself.

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