Yoga Therapy

Information about Yoga & Meditation

Yoga started with the first human whose intention was to always be healthy and happy, and to reach the balance of his body, mind and soul.

About Yoga

Yoga originated from India. It is the ancient practice of the mind and body that translate to tangible physical and health benefits. Yoga Asana means yoga postures. All postures are developed from traditional yoga, read more

About Meditation

Science of Meditation: Members are engaged in the practice of concentration with no stress no pressure. All meditation classes uses different combination of methods: read more

Tibetan Sound Healing

A therapeutic treatment tailored to support your specific needs and requirements where Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed on and around the dressed body and tapped gently with a felt mallet. The calming and harmonising sounds as well as the gentle vibrations of the singing bowls induce a feeling of well being and a deep relaxation. read more

7 days & 14 days yoga Detox

This course is designed for those who want to start a new healthy lifestyle and are interested in losing weight in a healthy way. During this course, according to the food plan provided to you by the nutritionist, it will allow you to do basic and regular cleansing. read more


New Members Only
(2 Weeks Unlimited Classes)

Limit 1 Per Person


Per Week
( Unlimited Yoga Classes )

Fortnightly of $87


Casual Classes

2 Classes Pass

2 Yoga Classes Only Per Week

Fortnightly of $75


Set Classes Pass

(Equals $25.00 per class)
Access to 10 classes
Valid for 2 Months

Tibetan Sound Healing

Private Sound Healing Session with
warm water Therapy

60 Min $220

Set Classes Pass

(Equals $25.00 per class)
Access to 10 classes
Valid for 2 Months

Yoga Detox Online

Course of Yoga detox
(cleaning the body and mind)
along with a 7 or 14 days + diet
yoga exercises, Nutrition & meditation

7 Days: $199
14 Days: $300

Routine Meditation for Health & Wellness

Treat yourself each day for only 30Min
special minutes with meditation and sound healing to set the tone of your day. Do something that helps you feel peaceful, centred, and grounded. You deserve this and will have a much better . after registration, you will be receiving the link for joining us.

21 Days: $80
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