Ancient & Modern Cupping


Treatment of Urinary Diseases
Treating Colds And Respiratory Issues
Spider veins and varicose veins can both benefit from cupping.
Digestion Aid
Fast pain Relief
Accept nothing less than a best !

Information about Cupping Therapy:

About Cupping

Cupping therapy is an old traditional method of placing cups made of glass, bamboo, or other materials on specific areas of the body to treat different conditions. read more

Dry Cupping

40 Min: $80

Full back Unlimited Cups

60 Min: $155

Fire Cupping

45 Min: $120

Chakra activation cupping

30 Min: $55

Cupping Massage

(Add On | Back only)

30 Min: $50

Knee Wet Cupping

(per Knee)

30 Min: $60

Yoga Cupping

45 Min: $95
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